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UPDATED  1-7-03




UMP Rules


1. Approved racing seat is required and must be securely attached.
2. Must have approved 3" safety harness with 4 point quick release.
3. Minimum 2 1/2lb fire extinguisher securely mounted and accessible.
4. Battery must be securely mounted in enclosed battery box.
5. Driver's compartment may be completely boxed.
6. Fuel cell is mandatory
7. Drive shaft must be white.
8. 2 Drive shaft loops required.
9. Minimum 6 point roll cage with 4 driver side door bars and 3 passenger.
10. Hood pins on hood and trunks bolted is mandatory.
11. Complete driver suit preferable but top of suit mandatory.
12. All Willard Speedway track rules and general rules apply.


1. Must be stock appearing, all metal - hood and top can be fiberglass or aluminum.
2. Must have both bumpers.
3. Rear of car is required to be closed completely from deck to bumper.
4. 8" is maximum height for rear spoilers.


1. Any stock type production rear end - No quick changes.
2. Any type traction device.
3. Stock frame front and rear. No generic cars, must be stock.
4. No coil over shocks, coil over eliminators for lift bar only.
5. Racing steel wheels maximum 10".
6. McCreary 8" tire or any DOT 8" or racing type tire.
7. 1" lug nuts on all wheels. bead locks OK.
8. Stock front lower control arms.
9. Car must weigh at least 2800lbs after race with driver.
10. Weight jacks are allowed.


1. Must be stock appearing, 3" setback from 1st sparkplug hole in line with ball joints.
2. Must have cast iron block and heads.
3. Wet sump only.
4. 4 barrel or two barrel carburetors only, gas only.
5. Headers are allowed.
6. Aluminum intakes are allowed.


1. Any year sedan allowed. No subcompact station wagon or pickups. Minimum 108" wheelbase. All doors must be bolted or welded shut.
2. Car must have complete OEM body with fender trimming done only as needed. Front and rear inner fenders may be removed. Stock bumpers must be welded to the frame.
3. Car must have sheet metal fire walls between the driver and fuel cell. Remove all flammable items from interior. Remove all glass.
4. Driver and passenger door inner metal may be removed to facilitate roll bars. Do not remove floor pan, rear inner fenders may be removed. Floor pan must be metal stock or better.
5. Roll cage must have a minimum of 4 door bars on driver side and 3 passenger door bars, spaced horizontal from window to rocker. Suggest minimum of .095 tubing 1 3/4" diameter. Minimum 6 point roll cage.
6. Protective bars and or screen or both for driver head and face protection is a must.
7. Radiator protector bars, if used, must be hidden by nose, bumper and or stock sheet metal.
8. car must weigh 3200lbs after race with driver.
9. Tires may be a maximum of 8" racing, recap or DOT tires.
10. Steel racing wheels and bead locks may be used. One inch racing type lug nuts are required for all wheels.
11. Engines must remain in stock location. Cast iron intake manifolds only. Headers allowed. Must use GM motor in GM car, Ford motor in Ford car, etc..All engines must have stock dimensional valve covers or wing nuts for easy valve cover removal. any cam and rockers OK.
12. Two barrel or four barrel carburetors, no predator carbs. Single line pump with choke.
13. Rear end may be passenger type only. Positive traction rear ends are allowed. If using a Ford rear end, it must be installed in stock location as the rear end being replaced. One shock per wheel.
14. Fuel cell must be fastened. Fuel cell must be located in the trunk or left in original position. Minimum of 2 straps on original tank.
15. Battery location is optional, but must be securely mounted inside a boat battery box if inside the cockpit.
16. One radiator only. Radiator must remain under the hood.
17. Drive shaft must be painted white with two loops on it.
18. Must have at least three wheel brakes in working condition.
19. Must have approved racing seat only. It must be properly framed and attached to roll cage. No farther to rear than door post. 4 Point safety harness required, with 3" lap belt and shoulder harness with aircraft quick release type latch.
20. Car must be neatly painted and have pleasant appearance.
21. Car numbers must be legible and painted in contrasting color of car. Minimum of 18" tall on doors and 24" on top of car.
22. No alcohol is allowed.
23. Driver suit is mandatory.
24. All Willard Speedway track rules and general rules apply.


1. Must have minimum of 108" wheelbase.
2. Engine may be any cubic inch stock OEM for that year that is capable of having 17" of vaccuum.
No modifying of any sort.
3. Must have factory carburetor, either 2 or 4 barrel stock OEM and must have fitting for vaccuum gauge. No holly's.
4. Must have a minimum of 6 point roll cage with screen or bars to protect face and head at windshield.
5. Must remove all flammable items from inside the car. Driver door and front passenger door inner metal may be removed just enough to facilitate door and roll bars.
6. Factory tires and wheels only, of correct size, no racing tires allowed. No Bart.
7. Must have a firewall between driver and gas tank.
8. All glass and chrome moldings must be removed.
9. Front and rear fenders cannot be cut out.
10. No racing shocks are allowed, must be stock.
11. It is mandatory to have racing seats with seat belt harness and full driver suit.
12. All floorboards and inner fenders must remain intact.
13. Hood and trunk must be pinned or bolted.
14. All Willard Speedway track rules and general rules apply.


                   4-Cylinder rules
1.  Must have stock intake manifold and carbureator--no hollys.
2.  No after-market carbureators or intakes period.
3.  Exhaust headers ok.
4.  Bart rims for safety ok.
5.  Must be stock body, no tubular frame.
6.  Front wheel drive ok but must be stock carbureator (no hollys)
7.  No fuel injection or throttle body.
8.  Must pull 16 on vacuum guage.


Must be pure stock!! Basic rules include: can have 4 point roll cage; two or three door bars driver's side; dash board must be in place; can have racing seat; must have seat belts; fuel tank must be in trunk area, strapped down; all glass must be removed; rear seat must be removed; doors must be welded, chained, or bolted shut; must have a working fire extinguisher that is easily accessible; can be front-wheel or rear-wheel drive; and with stock rims & tires.

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